Do their best to make the best use

In employment, Zhejiang Sheng Ming Stationery Co., Ltd. adhere to respect for talent, respect for the concept of creation, not only academic qualifications, not only the level of diploma, employing performance, look at the ability to see the potential. 

Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of every employee, so that employees love their jobs and do their best to be suitable for people, things fit for the best, Only make the best use.

people oriented

Company employees as supporting the basic strength of enterprises, the implementation of human resources strategy, is committed to building a full of passion, understand the business, understand technology, will be able to endure hardship with a comprehensive quality of personnel.

Encourage employees to self-taught, self-confidence. Strengthen the training and education of employees, use a variety of wage distribution incentives to employees from the company to get a sense of security,

 sense of accomplishment and life economic security, and fully mobilize and reflect the staff's self-value.

Honest work

Integrity should be the basic characteristics of the spirit of the company and all employees.

Honesty is the human resources of the company's employees, the principles of doing things, doing things the way, in good faith spirit of business enterprises, the company every job and every single thing. To establish honesty, integrity and pride of corporate image and employee personal image.