Join policy

1. To provide a complete access and agency qualification, different modes to provide accurate service.

2. To provide a unified national enterprise VI design, unified model.

3. Opening fee support, opening costs for joining the corresponding level of reimbursement support.

4. Signed an agency contract and regional security agreement to ensure that the agent's operating interests.

5. The establishment of agency service system, so that agents at any time in the sale of the difficulties encountered in the process to ensure that the company maintained close contact.

6. From time to time, the company appoints specialists to carry out the planning and program of market guidance, business training, help agency system, publicity, promotion and operation.

7. Professional team of professional service guidance.

Joining process

1. Franchisee visits (research visits, product visits, cooperation mode inspection)

2. Determine joining cooperation mode.

3. Franchisee audit review.

4. signed a cooperation agreement.

5. Payment to join the deposit.

6. Franchisee program organized by the store design, decoration.

7. Store acceptance, opened.

8 manufacturers back the financial support.

9. Manufacturers sent on-site training.