Service purposes

[Purpose] people-oriented harmony and win-win situation

[Vision] to create first-class service team

[Mission] Let Sheng Ming flourished

[Spirit] Indomitable, pioneering and innovative

Motto serves the guests' satisfaction before they leave

[Image] rigorous and meticulous timely and accurate warmhearted and thoughtful


[Learning] to learn endless

[Credit] car without the shaft and not, people without letter stand

[Crisis] vigilant in peace

[Honor] shop I Hing store I shame

[Life] continue to go beyond the self-truth return society

[Brand] establish brand self-esteem

Business philosophy

[Cost] not to waste a small amount of savings for the sake of small but not
[Quality] attention to detail the pursuit of perfection
[Service] Welcome to all over the world with a smile
[Customer]guest is always right
[Executive] OK to seek truth in action and development
[Management philosophy] management zero defect service zero distance
[Talent]know people, know people, employ people, educate people
[Innovation] Do what others did not do, think of something others did not think
[Performance] no best only better

code of conduct

[Standards of Conduct] Be honest with customers Be loyal to your business Be obsessed with your work Be responsible to your employees

[Principle of work]mutual respect mutual trust mutual understanding mutual care mutual cooperation mutual supervision

[Style of work] sharp quick everything first fight