Pencil use caution
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1, pencil core toxic?

Actually pencil lead is not poisonous. Lead is poisonous, and the main raw material for the pencil lead is graphite and clay, of course not poisonous.

Pencil refill is the main component of graphite and clay, graphite is flaky metallic luster of the solid, which has a carbon-carbon chemical bond between the layers is van der Waals force, carbon-carbon bond is very stable, want to destroy is Very difficult, which is why diamond and graphite are made of carbon, but the physical properties and the price difference is very large, there is nothing in the body can destroy the carbon-carbon bonds, so surely said the pencil is safe (unless Clay inside is harmful to human health).

2, metal pencil poisoned it?

The appearance of the pencil rod wrapped mold or pencil paint technology, on the one hand to protect the pen, on the other hand to increase the appearance, but the pigment will contain traces of heavy metals, a small amount of contact will not be affected, but the bitten pen to eat in the mouth or not Right